Tom Pauwels

Category:muzikant, solist
Bornem, 11.11.1975
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags, 20ste eeuw
Actual/previous member of:Black Jackets Company, Ictus, Plus Minus Ensemble, Letter Piece Company


Tom Pauwels has been continuously active in the performance of new music both on classical and on electric guitar ever since he graduated from the Conservatory of Brussels. He performs mainly within the context of ensembles such as Ictus, Plus-Minus and Elastic 3. In the course of his career he became more and more involved in different aspects of concert organisation (concert dramaturgy, text introductions, communication), thus he has been serving since 2002 for Ictus as both guitarist and artistic adviser. A third complementary activity is pedagogical: for Ictus he coordinates various workshops and for the Conservatory of Ghent he teaches in the master after master contemporary music. His activities as a performing musician try out less instrument-bound paths, collaborating with the composer-performance artist David Helbich and choreographer Xavier Leroy.

Selective discography

Pierluigi Billone: Om OnPierluigi Billone: Om On (2018)
21st century / contemporary
Tom Pauwels, Pierluigi Billone, Yaron Deutsch
Fausto Romitelli - Professor Bad TripFausto Romitelli - Professor Bad Trip (2003)
20th century
Tom Pauwels, Ictus, Fausto Romitelli
Keiko Harada - after the winterKeiko Harada - after the winter (2001)
20th century
Ictus, Carlos Bruneel, Géry Cambier, Geert De Bièvre, Paul De Clerck, Ludo Mariën, Tom Pauwels, Piet Van Bockstal (...)
Godfried-Willem Raes - 4 OthersGodfried-Willem Raes - 4 Others (2000)
20th century, 21st century / contemporary
Piet Van Bockstal, Tom Pauwels, Karin De Fleyt, Logos Ensembles, Tomma Wessel, Andrew De Masi, Godfried-Willem Raes
BlackJackets Compagny live recording 2000BlackJackets Compagny live recording 2000 (2000)
21st century / contemporary
Benjamin Dieltjens, Claude Vivier, David Nùñez, Julio Estrada, Tom Pauwels, Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri, Kim Van den Brempt, Francis Ubertelli (...)
Oehring / ter schiphorst_Chamber MusicOehring / ter schiphorst_Chamber Music (1999)
20th century
Ictus, Paul De Clerck, Tom Pauwels, Helmut Oehring, Iris Ter Schiphorst

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

Aperghis Georges - Avis de tempêteAperghis Georges - Avis de tempête (2005)
20th century
Ictus, Georges Aperghis, Georges-Elie Octors