Björn Schmelzer

Antwerpen, 1975
Genre(s):oude muziek


Björn Schmelzer is an ethnomusicologist and anthropologist who combines these studies in his research and in his work as an artist. it helps him to unravel the complex web of musical practices and create new ones.

Living in Antwerp (Belgium), he spent some time in Naples and Palermo and worked intensively on the musical traditions and performance practices in sardinia , sicily and the south-italian peninsula. He specialized in the styles and function of ornamentation in mediterranean music and in written classical music as well. Although he was inspired by some ancient and traditional music performers in belgium and in the mediterranean area, life brought him to strike intuitive into other, unknown roads. Beside different (necessary or not) activities and trades, he was also a street-performer and for some time ‘brocanteur'. With graindelavoix his approach to ancient music is that of anachronism and geographical margin with a view to reverse and reinvent images of the (auditive) past. at this moment björn schmelzer is writing a study about dynamics and intensity in late-gothic art.

Selective discography

Josquin the Undead: Laments, Deplorations and Dances of DeathJosquin the Undead: Laments, Deplorations and Dances of Death (2021)
early music
Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer, Josquin Desprez, Nicolas Gombert, Jean Le Brun, Jheronimus Vinders, Benedictus Appenzeller
The Liberation of the GothicThe Liberation of the Gothic (2018)
early music
Graindelavoix, John Browne, Björn Schmelzer, Thomas Ashewell
Portrait of the artist as a starved dog: MadrigalsPortrait of the artist as a starved dog: Madrigals (2017)
early music
Graindelavoix, Cipriano De Rore, Björn Schmelzer
Orazio Vecchi: RequiemOrazio Vecchi: Requiem (2017)
Graindelavoix, Orazio Vecchi, Björn Schmelzer, George de La Hèle, Pedro Rimonte, Duarte Lobo, Paolo Bravusi
Jean Hanelle. Cypriot VespersJean Hanelle. Cypriot Vespers (2016)
early music
Graindelavoix, Jean Hanelle, Björn Schmelzer
Music for an Antwerp churchMusic for an Antwerp church (2016)
early music, Baroque
Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer, George de La Hèle, Alard du Gaucquier, Matthias Pottier, Pedro Ruimonte, Orazio Vecchi, Paolo Bravusi (...)
de Machaut Guillaume - Messe de Nostre Damede Machaut Guillaume - Messe de Nostre Dame (2016)
early music
Graindelavoix, Guillaume de Machaut, Björn Schmelzer
MotetsMotets (2014)
early music
Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer
ConfrériesConfréries (2013)
early music
Graindelavoix, Jaikes de Cambai, Björn Schmelzer, Robert de Reins La Chièvre, Martin le Béguin de Cambrai, Chanoine de Saint-Quentin, anoniem
OssuairesOssuaires (2012)
early music
Graindelavoix, Pierre de Cambrai, Björn Schmelzer

Author of

Time Regained: A Warburg Atlas for Early MusicTime Regained: A Warburg Atlas for Early Music (2018)
oude muziek
Björn Schmelzer, Margarida Garcia
Musica Antiqua RevisitedMusica Antiqua Revisited (2010)
oude muziek
Björn Schmelzer, Sigiswald Kuijken

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

Poissance d'amoursPoissance d'amours (2008)
early music
Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer
Margarete. Maximilian I.Margarete. Maximilian I. (2001)
early music
Capilla Flamenca, Dirk Snellings, La Caccia, Michaël Ghijs, Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino, Frans Mariman, Schola Gregoriana Lovaniensis, Joris Verdin (...)

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