Norbert Rosseau

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Gent, 11.12.1907 - Gent, 1975
Genre(s):20ste eeuw


Norbert Rosseau was born on 11 December 1907 in Ghent, the son of two circus artists, Max Rosseau and the Italian Stella Lussie. From them (his mother studied piano at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent and his father was a violinist and musical clown) Norbert received his first music lessons. At the outbreak of the First World War, the family fled to Italy, where Rosseau took lessons from Piramo, a leading Roma violinist. A wunderkind (“il piccolo celebre violinista”), he travelled throughout Italy, giving recitals until after the war. He also received his formal musical training in Italy, studying composition with Giuseppe Mulè, organ with Fernando Germani and piano with Silvestri. After graduating from the conservatory in Rome, he completed his studies in composition with Ottorino Respighi. Around 1934, Rosseau studied psychology and philosophy in Ghent. His career as a violin virtuoso came to a sudden end with an injury to his right hand, incurred during his military service. After the Second World War, Rosseau was introduced to concrete and electronic music, and took several courses in Darmstadt and at the IPEM (Institute for Psycho-acoustics and Electronic Music) in Ghent. Together with Louis De Meester, he was the first composer in Flanders to compose twelve-tone and electronic music (after the Second World War!). A number of Rosseau’s compositions won prizes, and his works have been frequently performed for the radio and in concert halls. In contrast to most composers, he never held a position at an institution such as a conservatory, orchestra or radio broadcaster.

Selectieve discografie als componist

Röntgen-Rosseau-Tinel - Music for piano four handsRöntgen-Rosseau-Tinel - Music for piano four hands (2015)
romanticism, 20th century
Mephisto Pianoduo, Julius Röntgen, Norbert Rosseau, Edgar Tinel
Concertos for orchestraConcertos for orchestra (2012)
20th century
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Edo de Waart, Jef Maes, Norbert Rosseau, Arthur Meulemans
Flemish Choral Music - Bij Stemband 8Flemish Choral Music - Bij Stemband 8 (2010)
20th century, romanticism
Peter Benoit, Herman Engels, August de Boeck, Johan Duijck, Diverse uitvoerders, Robert Herberigs, Marc Michael De Smet, Norbert Rosseau (...)
Het lam gods bezongenHet lam gods bezongen (2010)
early music, Baroque, romanticism, 20th century
Aquarius, Hildegard von Bingen, Gregoriaans, Boris Ord, Charles Macpherson, Zoltán Kodály, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Giuseppe Verdi (...)
Orchestral Music IOrchestral Music I (2001)
20th century
Vlaams Radiokoor (VRK), Vlaams Radio Orkest, Flor Alpaerts, Norbert Rosseau, Peter Benoit, Victor Legley, Arthur Meulemans, Edgar Tinel (...)
Lief HebbenLief Hebben (1998)
20th century, Baroque, early music
Norbert Rosseau, Soratea, Patrick Debrabandere, Kristiaan Van Ingelgem, Jan Van Berchem
Norbert Rosseau - Het passieverhaal volgens MatteüsNorbert Rosseau - Het passieverhaal volgens Matteüs (1997)
20th century
Het Goeyvaerts Consort, Marc Michael De Smet, Norbert Rosseau
Chant d'amourChant d'amour (1994)
romanticism, 20th century
Paul Klinck, Katrijn Friant, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Johan De Smet, Benoni Lagye, Rik Verstrepen, Paul Miry, Dirk Brossé (...)
Music for viola and pianoMusic for viola and piano (1994)
romanticism, 20th century
Diederik Suys, Filip Martens, Joseph Ryelandt, Victor Legley, August de Boeck, Norbert Rosseau
Vlaamse muziek uit de 20ste eeuwVlaamse muziek uit de 20ste eeuw (1986)
20th century
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Victor Legley, Georges Octors, Belgian National Orchestra, Norbert Rosseau, Silveer Van den Broeck, Lodewijk De Vocht

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