Tuur Florizoone

Category:muzikant, groep / artiest
Genre(s):Jazz, hedendaagse folk, Wereldmuziek, Soundtracks/ Musicals
Instrument(s):accordeon, piano
Contact of:Tricycle, Mixtuur
Actual/previous member of:Tricycle, aNoo, Tuur Florizoone en Michel Massot duo, Massot - Florizoone - Horbaczewski, Mixtuur, Barbara Wiernik, MusicAzur


Accordionist Tuur Florizoone (°1978) has very quickly grown into the most adored musician in Flanders. With an irresistibly stylish stage presence he set out to prove that his unusual instrument is capable of a lot more than your regular street corner shenanigans.

Jazz is only one of the many types of music this musical world citizen has in his kit bag. The fact that he is comfortable in pop as well as in world music is obvious from the endless list of names with whom he has shared the stage or the recording studio: Carlos Nunez, Manu Chao, Alfredo Marcucci, Zahava Seewald, Chris Joris, Rocco Granata, Jo Lemaire, … In 2008, during the prestigious World Soundtrack Awards (Ghent), the public wer

e completely enamoured with his passionate score for the Flemish movie Aanrijding in Moscou (directed by Christophe Van Rompaey). The soundtrack's international success leads us to believe that Tuur is well on his way to becoming our own Yann Tiersen.

Melancholic and simple melodies that lead into an all-embracing palette of emotions and colours are Tuur's forte. Making as much music as possible with as few resources as possible. No wonder he prefers the intimacy of a trio.

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Selective discography

Brasserie RomantiekBrasserie Romantiek (2013)
Tuur Florizoone
Didier Laloy & Tuur FlorizooneDidier Laloy & Tuur Florizoone (2012)
Contemporary folk
Didier Laloy, Tuur Florizoone
MixtuurMixtuur (2011)
Tuur Florizoone
Aanrijding in MoscouAanrijding in Moscou (2008)
Tuur Florizoone

Author of

Berichten uit Accordistan
Berichten uit Accordistan

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Belgian Jazz 2011Belgian Jazz 2011 (2011)
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