Mircea Calin

Category:solist, docent
Genre(s):20ste eeuw, romantiek, classicisme


Mircea Calin was born in Bucharest, Romania, November 23, 1960.At the age of six he took his first piano lessons and one year later his first violin lessons. Year 1983 Mircea Calin graduated from the Bucharest Music Academy where he had studied violin with the renowned professor Stefan Gheorghiu. He later trained with Ifrah Neaman in England, and Rugiero Ricci in Germany. Due to his technical and musical outstanding gifts is Mircea Calin regarded as one of the most brilliant violinists of his generation.

Years 1977 and 1979 bring Mircea national appreciation after winning the most demanding violin competitions of his country, in Bucharest and Timisoara.
Year 1979 represents the beginning of his international recognition, after winning one of the foremost prizes in the “Wieniawski” World Violin Competition. Other major rewards are coming soon, in the “Tibor Varga” Violin Competition edition 1980 and the “Paganini” International Contest in 1981. In 1986 is Mircea the winner of the “Romano Romanini” Concours, adding together the Special Prize of the Jury for the best performance of an obligatory piece by Bazzini. Once more, in 1990 is Mircea award-winner in the “Rodolfo Lipizer” Competition, adding up also the Special Prize of the Jury for the best performance of a piece by Paganini.
Year 1991 brings Mircea one of his dearest prizes, a C.Hans-Karl Schmidt bow, personally offered by one of his great idols, maestro Rugiero Ricci.

All these achievements were followed by concerts, recitals and chamber music concerts performed in countries around the world as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Korea and Japan.

In addition to his accomplishments as soloist, Mircea Calin decided to fulfil his musical commitment playing concertmaster and teaching violin. He joined as First Concertmaster orchestras as “Orchestra Internazionale d’Italia” in 1987, “Virtuosi di Bucharest” in 1988, and “George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra from Bucharest in 1990, giving part of his concentration on his pedagogical vocation too, by coaching his violin class at the Music Academy in Bucharest.

In 1996 Mircea Calin left his mother land for Holland, attracted by the leadership of Limburgs Symphonic Orchestra in Maastricht under the direction of one of the most esteemed artists of our time, Shlomo Mintz. Year 2001 has joined Mircea Calin, as First Concertmaster, two top orchestras in Belgium, “De Philharmonie” in Antwerp and “Symfonie Orkest van Vlanderen” in Bruges, under the direction of unique artists as Phillipe Hereveghe, Danielle Calegari and David Angus. Meanwhile is Mircea Calin active in collaborating with the Conservatorium in Gent.