Marijn Thissen

Genre(s):Klassiek, Wereldmuziek
Actual/previous member of:Askanyi


Marijn Thissen (°1980) started violin studies at the music academy, instructed by Bernadette Bracke and Mieke De Geyter and at the grammar school of art, instructed by Paul Klinck. At the conservatory of Ghent she switched to viola, instructed by Michael Kugel. In 2004 she obtained her master's degree cum laude. She was a member of the Flanders' philharmonic orchestra which she performed with abroad (Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Canada and South Africa). She worked with conductors such as Muhai Tang, Peter Rundel, Robert Zelzer, Etienne Siebens, Robert Groslot, Johannes Leerthouwer and Ivan Meylemans. She took master classes from Michael Kugel and François Guye. Marijn obtained her teaching certificate for music in 2005 and now she teaches in violin and viola. In addition she plays in several chamber music ensembles including 'the Oberon string quintet' and the contemporary ensemble 'Nadar'. She often participates in folk, pop and world music projects and in cd recordings of several bands such as Contraband, Follia, Djamel, Olla Vogala, Ambrozijn etc. Last spring she took an active part in the Bl!ndmann [4x4] string quartet in the Transparant music theatre production 'Intra-Muros'.

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