Babs Jobo

Actual/previous member of:Wawadadakwa, Belgian Afrobeat Association, Brassafrik, Saxafabra, Shakara United


Babs Jobo was born in Accra (Ghana) on February, 1st 1970, as Yussif Iddrisu Jobo. From the age of 9 already, he started playing the djembe. As a child, he wanted to see what the outside world would be like.
Coming to Europe in 1991, he felt free to start working on a musical career. He started playing in a Senegalese band: Mambambe, where he played the djembe, talking drums and conga. In 1993, he started to play with the percussion group Kolya. There, he was able to compose more of his own music. His lyrics are inspired by religion and written in his mother tongue Tchamba. The music is very rhythmic and danceable.
After a splendid experience in the temporary big band The Belgian Afro beat Association, Babs joined Wawadadakwa in 2005. They toured Europe and made 2 albums. During this period, he began dreaming of bringing his own compositions to the public. He started rehearsing with a few musicians: a drummer, a percussionist and a guitar player. One year later, in 2006, Wagpe Kaso was born. Their most recent album is called "Memife". It is a mixture of West African traditional music, religiously inspired lyrics, funk, soul and jazzy influences.
Today, Babs Jobo is not only the bandleader of Wagpe Kaso, but he is also playing with Saxafabra and Marocanbrass. Saxafabra is a jazz ensemble, which recently released a new album in co-production with the VRT (Belgian National Television).
Marocanbrass is a brass band mixture of North and West African percussion with Western horns. Percussion will always stay his first love. Babs is the bandleader of a typical African percussion band "So", which is co-performing since one year with Wadokyo, a Japanese percussion group.
Currently, Babs is working on a brand new project.