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Category:symfonisch orkest, hedendaagse muziek, orkest, repertoire
Genre(s):filmmuziek, 20ste eeuw, 21ste eeuw / hedendaags, classicisme, romantiek

Short description

We are not a museum, but a platform for living music


As former radio symphony orchestra that has been in existence since 1935, the Brussels Philharmonic cherishes its rich history. At the same time, it welcomes the opportunities that lie in the future, and joins tradition to a taste for renewal. The home venue is the Flagey building in Brussels. Thanks to the virtuosity of the musicians, VRO is a flexible orchestra with a highly diverse repertoire: from the romantic to the contemporary, from conceptual music to film music, from the great classics to unexpected crossovers. Offering the chance to discover a wide range of old and new forms of ‘classical’ music, putting the orchestra forward both literally and figuratively, in a variety of environments, making links to other art forms: these are but a few of the types of bridges which the orchestra is actively engaged in building. The ties with public broadcasting remain strong: the orchestra works closely with radio and television. In addition, the Brussels Philharmonic participates in the network, which makes various concerts available via live streaming. The digital culture channel Exqi also carries a selection of its concerts, accompanied by background reports.

Conductor: Michel Tabachnik

Intendant: Gunther Broucke

Selective discography

Our Nature / Onze NatuurOur Nature / Onze Natuur (2022)
21st century / contemporary
Brussels Philharmonic, Dirk Brossé, Dirk Brossé
Concerto for Bass Guitar and OrchestraConcerto for Bass Guitar and Orchestra (2022)
21st century / contemporary
Thomas Fiorini, Robert Groslot, Brussels Philharmonic
Tchaikovsky / Stravinsky violin concertosTchaikovsky / Stravinsky violin concertos (2022)
Yossif Ivanov, Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Igor Stravinsky, Brussels Philharmonic
Dirk Brossé - The Pulse of JoyDirk Brossé - The Pulse of Joy (2021)
21st century / contemporary
Brussels Philharmonic, Dirk Brossé
Robert Groslot - The Intimacy of DistanceRobert Groslot - The Intimacy of Distance (2021)
21st century / contemporary
Brussels Philharmonic, Robert Groslot, Robert Groslot
Marcel Poot - Symphonies 1-7Marcel Poot - Symphonies 1-7 (2021)
20th century
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Marcel Poot, Léonce Gras, BRTN Filharmonisch Orkest, Hans Rotman, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Frédéric Devreese, Omroeporkest N.I.R. (...)
Voice of HopeVoice of Hope (2020)
Camille Thomas, Stéphane Denève, Diverse componisten, Brussels Philharmonic, Mathieu Herzog
Via Bottesini - Concerti e pezzi concertantiVia Bottesini - Concerti e pezzi concertanti (2020)
Wies de Boevé, Joshua Weilerstein, Giovanni Bottesini, Brussels Philharmonic
Fernand De La Tombelle: Musique de chambre, chorale et symphoniqueFernand De La Tombelle: Musique de chambre, chorale et symphonique (2019)
Brussels Philharmonic, Fernand de La Tombelle, Hervé Niquet, Vlaams Radio Orkest
Robert Groslot - Concertos for Piano, Cello and HarpRobert Groslot - Concertos for Piano, Cello and Harp (2019)
20th century
Robert Groslot, Robert Groslot, Brussels Philharmonic

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

Transatlantisch Vriendschapsconcert 2011 (Red Star Line)Transatlantisch Vriendschapsconcert 2011 (Red Star Line) (2011)
Diverse uitvoerders, Dirk Brossé, Franz Anton Hoffmeister, Georg Friedrich Händel, Luigi Boccherini, Bedřich Smetana, John Corigliano
Klara op cd - Wagner °1813Klara op cd - Wagner °1813 (2003)
20th century, romanticism, Baroque
Georg Philipp Telemann, Diverse uitvoerders, Joseph Jongen, Robert Schumann, Peter Knockaert, Flor Peeters

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