Gori Ka Dance Orchestra

Category:artiest / groep
Gent, 2008
Actual/previous members:Maya Sapera, Mahabub Khan, Sattar Kahn

Short description

Bollywood meets brass.


Maya Sapera (°1977) was only five when she started Indian and oriental dancing. In 1983 she did her arangetram (master in Bharata Natyam) and started to teach. Though she is born Belgian, Maya Sapera was well received in India, Morocco and Egypt. In 2000 she was invited by choreographer Hassan Ibrahim to collaborate in a production of the National Ballet of Cairo. In 2002 she met Mahabub Khan and started to work with Rajasthani bands, Rangeela and Musafir.

Gori Ka Dance Orchestra: With Mahabub and Sattar Khan, and some musicians of Va Fan Fahre she is now working on a project named Gori Ka Dance Orchestra. Ten musicians play old and new bollywood music arranged for brass, percussion and guitar, while eight dancers are bringing a choreography of Indian and oriental dancing.