Per Flauto

Category:ensemble (instrumentaal)
Conductor of:Bart Coen
Actual/previous members:An Van Laethem, Ryo Terakado, Ronan Kernoa, Herman Stinders, Bart Coen, Mika Akiha


Per Flauto was founded in 2008 by Bart Coen with the special purpose to record a CD devoted to an important manuscript from Naples. This manuscript dates from 1725 and contains charming concerts for recorder, strings and basso continuo by, among others, Alessandro Scarlatti, Francesco Mancini and Domenico Sarri. The backbone of the ensemble consists of recorder player Bart Coen, violinists Ryo Terakado and An Van Laethem, viola player Mika Akiha, cello player Ronan Kernoa, and harpsichordist-organist Herman Stinders. The members of Per Flauto are active in several, specialist ensembles for early music. With this new group they want to raise the visibility of lesser-known pearls of the Italian Baroque.

Selective discography

The London FluteThe London Flute (2013)
Per Flauto, Robert Carr, Arcangelo Corelli, Charles Dieupart, Francis Forcer, Georg Friedrich Händel, Francesco Mancini, James Paisible (...)