Category:ensemble (vocaal-instrumentaal)
Genre(s):oude muziek, barok, traditionele folk
Conductor of:Paul Rans
Actual/previous members:Paul Rans, Philippe Malfeyt, Piet Stryckers, Paul Van Loey


The group Rans was founded in 1989 as the Paul Rans Ensemble. Paul Rans, Philippe Malfeyt, Piet Stryckers and Paul Van Loey offer traditional songs and instrumental music from the Flemish Middle Ages and the Renaissance throughout the 18th century. Their performances are always heartfelt and expressive, and they are characterised by a lively approach, often spiced with contagious improvisations. The first CDs successively contain Christmas songs from the Low Countries, songs from the well-known Bruges Gruuthuuse Manuscript, and music from the so-called Antwerps Liedbook (Antwerp Song Book) from 1544.With the French singer and player of the hurdygurdy,Claude Flagel, the group performs under the name of Rans & Flagel in programmes such as De la Seine à l’Escaut (from Antwerp to Paris) and Trois tableaux de guerre (Three War Pictures), with songs about wars in Flanders and the North of France throughout the centuries. Rans & Flagel are exceedingly successful with their CDs.