Category:groep / artiest
Genre(s):hedendaagse folk, Europese folk, Wereldmuziek, Oosters
Actual/previous members:Raphaël De Cock

Short description

Emre Gültekin (turkish lutes: saz, tanbur. vocals), Raphaël De Cock (chatkhan siberian zither, overtone and throatsinging (khöömeï), vocals)


Osuna is a flexible project depending on the demand, ranging from a duo project to a quintet performing meditative music based on traditional vocal and instrumental music styles and improvisations. Osuna explores rich harmonies in dialogues between Anatolian strings (saz, tanbur) and the South-Siberian Khakass zither chatkhan, with surprising trips ranging from odd-metre Balkan rhythms, Central-Asian overtone singing, vocals from Anatolia, the "Mediterranean Zone", Nordic realms, Gaelic sean-nós songs, medieval ballads.... sometimes with the subtle accompaniment of guests with extra timbres, percussion or even double bass.