Géry Dumoulin

Category:groep / artiest, muzikant
Genre(s):romantiek, classicisme
Instrument(s):cornet à pistons
Actual/previous member of:Les Pantalons


The musicologist Géry Dumoulin works in the Brussels Musical Instruments Museum, where he is responsible for the wind instrument collection. He is specialised in the cornet, an instrument which he plays himself, both in its modern and its historical (19th-century) versions. He performs in various ensembles, playing the modern cornet in e.g. the Brass Band Buizingen, with whom he has recorded several successful CDs. This brass band has been invited in Belgium, France, Holland, Great-Britain, Italy, Norway and Austria. He is also a regular guest to the Brabants Volksorkest for performances of the bravura dance repertoire, where especially polkas and waltzes require a triple-tonguing technique. In 2006 he founded the ensemble À râse dè têre, a brass quartet that brings back to life the rural ‘arguèdènes’ tradition, short dance tunes somewhere in between the ball orchestra repertoire and brass bands. As a flugelhorn player, Géry performed with the Flemish Radio Orchestra and played bugle calls on the soundtrack of the French film 'Séraphine'(featuring Yolande Moreau in a realisation of Martin Provost). Apart from that, he greatly enjoys playing the didgeridoo.

As a musicologist, Géry Dumoulin takes a particular inest in 19th-century brass organology, with a specialisation in the cornet à pistons. He actively takes part in innational congresses and publishes articles in The Galpin Society Journal or The Historic Brass Society Journal. At present he is finishing various projects, among which fieldwork on the arguèdènes tradition. Music editions for 19th-century brass ensembles are a work in progress.