Too Noisy Fish

Category:groep / artiest
Instrument(s):piano, contrabas, drums
Actual/previous members:Peter Vandenberghe, Kristof Roseeuw, Teun Verbruggen

Short description

Music that freely draws on jazz, rock, free, contemporary music, techno,.... and that can not be captured by a single musical genre.


This piano trio has trumped up quite a bit of mileage as the rhythm section of Flat Earth Society (FES), but these fierce musical personalities have also earned their spurs with bands and musicians as diverse as Mauro Pawlowski, Jef Neve and Arno. Since 2011 these three forces of nature have been combining their energies in such an obstinate and powerful way that even Tom Waits hasn't failed to take notice. In the spring of 2013 they recorded their 2nd CD in Waits' San Francisco studio.

The typical brand of FES humour can also be found in the compositions of bandleader and pianist Peter Vandenberghe. This trio is clearly an adventurous jaunt, suggestive of "big band with a twist". Aside from Too Noisy Fish, Peter has played with Arno, and has worked with the choreographer Wim Vandekeybus, as well as Toots Thielemans.

His boundary-pushing songs are afforded added substance thanks to bassist Kristof Roseeuw, himself bandleader of the RadioKukaOrkest, that toured with the New York tenor saxophonist Ellery Eskelin, two years ago.
We know drummer Teun Verbruggen from the Jef Neve trio, but this man gets up to so much more! He is often compared to Jim Black, because of his innovative style and the multitude of projects he is involved in. His RAT Events are a series of experimental music nights and his label RatRecords has about 15 releases to its name. Among those are Teun himself in duo with Arve Henriksen and the imposing BOAT (Bureau of Atomic Tourism) project, with, among others, the bassist Trevor Dunn and Marc Ducret.

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Selective discography

Furious empathic silenceFurious empathic silence (2019)
Too Noisy Fish
Fight eat sleepFight eat sleep (2013)
Too Noisy Fish
Fast easy sickFast easy sick (2011)
Too Noisy Fish

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