Category:ensemble, hedendaagse muziek
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags
Actual/previous members:Toon Callier, Jutta Troch, Jeroen Stevens, Fabian Coomans, Sam Faes, Marieke Berendsen, Nele Geubels, Romy-Alice Bols, Jasper Braet


Besides is an ensemble of nine musicians with a common passion for performance, creation and presentation of new music in every sense of the word. Besides uses traditional composed music as a base to explore live-electronics, performance and improvisation. The various activities of the musicians can be found in very different areas: from pop/rock to electronic music, from sound design to music theatre, composition to even organization of music festivals. All this in a not so ordinary combination of harp, saxophone, drum, violin, cello, flute, electric guitar, piano and electronics ensures that Besides produces a new sound. Therefore a new repertoire only can be created by new alliances with composers, sound artists and specialized performers. Besides has been coached by musicians of the Spectra Ensemble and Ictus in a Master for contemporary music.

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