Mika Akiha

Genre(s):barok, romantiek, classicisme
Instrument(s):viool, barokviool, barokaltviool, altviool
Actual/previous member of:Il Gardellino, Quatuor Dialogues, Per Flauto


Mika Akiha began to study the violin at the age of four. She studied violin at the Toho Gakuen High School and the College of Music in Tokyo. When she was seventeen, she began to study the Baroque violin with Natsumi Wakamatsu. after graduating the Toho Gakuen College of Music in Tokyo, she went to Belgium to study with Sigiswald Kuijken at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, and passed her final exam for baroque violin and baroque viola with “grande distinction” mention.

She has given concerts in Europe, USA and Japan with Early Music groups such as Les Agremens, Il Gardellino, La Petite Bande, Il Fondamento, Le Concert Lorrain, Pygmalion, Ricercar consort, and Bach Collegium Japan, etc. and recorded several times for labels such as Klara, ACCENT, BIS, RICERCAR, Avex Classics, Challenge, ALM records, DENON et Mirare. etc.

Selective discography

Fasch Johann FriedrichFasch Johann Friedrich (2008)
Il Gardellino, Jan De Winne, Marcel Ponseele, Ann Vanlancker, Ryo Terakado, Frank Coppieters, Shalev Ad-el, Ageet Zweistra (...)

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

Zelenka, J.S. Bach - LamentationesZelenka, J.S. Bach - Lamentationes (2012)
Il Gardellino, Marcel Ponseele, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jan Dismas Zelenka, Damien Guillon, Marcus Ullmann, Lieven Termont, Annelies Brants (...)
Fasch Johann Friedrich - Concertos for various instrumentsFasch Johann Friedrich - Concertos for various instruments (2011)
Il Gardellino, Johann Friedrich Fasch
De profundis. Cantates 131 & 177De profundis. Cantates 131 & 177 (2010)
Il Gardellino, Johann Sebastian Bach, Marcel Ponseele, Caroline Weynants, Christoph Graupner, Damien Guillon, Marcus Ullmann, Lieven Termont (...)
Baroque Oboe ConcertosBaroque Oboe Concertos (2002)
Il Gardellino, Marcel Ponseele