Hathor Consort

Category:ensemble (instrumentaal), oude muziek, ensemble
Genre(s):oude muziek
Instrument(s):viola da gamba
Actual/previous members:Romina Lischka, Liam Fennelly, Thomas Baeté, Sofie Vanden Eynde, Benoît Vanden Bemden, Anne Bernard, Bart Jacobs, Lieselot De Wilde


The Hathor consort was founde by Romina Lischkka in 2012. It aims to perform renaissance and baroque consort music in various instrumental formations. The viola da gamba is always the focal point.

The ensemble takes its name from the ancient Egyptian mother goddess Hathor. She was worshipped as the "mistress of the west" and welcomes the souls of the dead into the afterlife. She is also the goddess of dance, art and music. Hathor is also known as the primordial mother, and embodies the fundament of love and everything to do with the heart.

Together with countertenor Marnix De Cat, the Hathor Consort presented its first programme "Consort Songs and Fantasies by William Byrd" in the Network Early Music 2013. In december 2012, they worked on the project "Lachrimae - The Seven Teares of John Dowland" together with dancer Femke Gyselinck.

Selective discography

John Coprario - Parrot or Ingenious Parodist?John Coprario - Parrot or Ingenious Parodist? (2022)
Pluto Ensemble, John Coprario, Marnix De Cat, Romina Lischka, Hathor Consort, Diverse componisten
Dhrupad FantasiaDhrupad Fantasia (2022)
21st century / contemporary, early music
Hathor Consort, Uday Bhawalkar, Romina Lischka, Uday Bhawalkar, Romina Lischka, Tobias Hume, William Whytbroke, Robert Parsons (...)
Heinrich Albert's Pumpkin HutHeinrich Albert's Pumpkin Hut (2021)
Hathor Consort, Romina Lischka, Dorothee Mields
Hathor Consort
Alfonso Ferrabosco - The Art of FantasyAlfonso Ferrabosco - The Art of Fantasy (2018)
early music
Hathor Consort, Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii), Romina Lischka
Dowland - Lachrimae or Seven tearsDowland - Lachrimae or Seven tears (2014)
early music
Romina Lischka, John Dowland, Hathor Consort

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