Thomas R. Moore

Category:muzikant, dirigent
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags
Conductor of:Nadar
Actual/previous member of:Odysseia Ensemble
Guest member of:ChampdAction, Ictus


Born in Easton, Pennsylvania (USA), Thomas happily now calls Antwerp (Belgium) home - despite momentarily living in many other disparate locals.  Moore relocated to Europe in 2002 after graduating from Indiana University. He attended the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands continuing his professional studies, gaining his second Bachelor of Music degree in trombone performance, before gaining his Master’s qualification in trombone performance and chamber music from the Koninklijk Vlaams Conservatorium in Antwerp, Belgium.

Thomas now devotes his time to conducting and playing trombone in diverse countries and a variety of genres.  He is a conductor and trombonist with Nadar Ensemble, co-leader of Odysseia and a regular guest with ChampdAction and Ictus Ensemble. As a soloist, he has premiered works at the World Music Days, Orpheus Institute, 'ZXZW Festival' and 'Images Sonores' Festival. Moore he has also regularly conducted the Orchestra of the Royal Dutch Air Force, was the assistant Musical Director at Les Miserables and is a musical director at the hit Dutch musical, Soldaat van Oranje.