Manolo Cabras

Actual/previous member of:Ben Sluijs Quartet, Erik Vermeulen Trio, Manuel Hermia Trio, Augusto Pirodda Quartet, Free Desmyter Quartet, Riccardo Luppi's Mure Mure, The Chris Joris - Bob Stewart Rainbow Band, Basic Borg, The Unplayables, Ben Sluijs Trio


Manolo Cabras - born in Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy – lives in Belgium since 2004. He quickly integrated in the microcosms of Belgium and French contemporary jazz. . He plays and/or records with Ben Sluijs, Free De Smyter, Alexandra Grimal and many other projects where research and musical adventure are central.

(c) Jacques Pouvost, Citizenjazz, 2008

(c) Jacques Pouvost, Citizenjazz, 2008

Selective discography

I wouldn't be sureI wouldn't be sure (2012)
Jazz, free & experimental jazz
Manolo Cabras, Basic Borg