Emanon ensemble

Category:ensemble (instrumentaal)
1996 - 10.2013
Genre(s):20ste eeuw, 21ste eeuw / hedendaags
Conductor of:Raf De Keninck
Actual/previous members:Bart Cypers, Lieve Goossens, Dimitri Baeteman, Filip Neyens, Simon Haspeslagh, Steven Bossuyt, Bruno De Busschere, Hans Van Kerckhoven, Hendrik Ide, Tine Janssens, Thomas Frühauf, Ben Faes, Leen Van der Roost, Erwin Deleux, Geert Verschraegen


Ensemble Emanon cherishes versatility and a multidisciplinary approach: contemporary music in combination with dance, music theatre, the visual arts and literature. While searching for crossover projects, Emanon also attempts to bring new work by Flemish composers, sometimes combined with the most outstanding samples of international chamber music. The core of Emanon consists of 18 excellent musicians who, conducted with great commitment by Raf De Keninck, vouch for a powerful group performance. Because of its unusual composition – double wind quintet, string quintet, guitar, percussion and piano - Emanon is a unique ensemble that plays its role in Flanders and abroad with passionate conviction. Emanon also organizes a composition contest every two years with a view to sustaining new talent.

The ensemble did not survive 2013.

Selective discography

A portrait of the composer Alain CraensA portrait of the composer Alain Craens (2013)
21st century / contemporary, 20th century
Jan Guns, Alain Craens, Rita Rommes, I Solisti del Vento, Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, Emanon ensemble, The Moscow Chamber Soloists String Quartet
TarquiniaTarquinia (2010)
20th century
Emanon ensemble, Hubert Damen, Peter Welffens, Joseph Jongen, Frits Celis, Alain Craens, Raf De Keninck
DarknessDarkness (2008)
20th century
Emanon ensemble, André Laporte, Stéphane Vande Ginste, Henryk Górecki, Raf De Keninck
ManMan (2004)
Stéphane Vande Ginste, Emanon ensemble
Emanon MysteryEmanon Mystery (2003)
20th century
Emanon ensemble, Petra Vermote, Peter Thys, Alain Craens, Stefan Wellens

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