Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet

Category:ensemble (instrumentaal), kwartet
Genre(s):oude muziek, 20ste eeuw, barok, 21ste eeuw / hedendaags
Actual/previous members:Paul Van Loey, Tom Beets, Bart Spanhove, Joris Van Goethem


The Flanders Recorder Quartet (Bart Spanhove, Tom Beets, Paul Van Loey, Joris Van Goethem) has been thriving for more than 20 years and has developed into an ensemble that counts among the world top. After more than 1500 performances at the most coveted venues the ensemble has become a fixture in the world of early music. The quartet made about twenty pioneering CDs, with often unknown repertoire, and created about forty new compositions dedicated to the quartet. After two hundred years of neglect, The Flanders Recorder Quartet brings the recorder to the fore again. In an attractive way the ensemble convinces music lovers with an exceptional collection of 150 instruments, both replicas of period instruments and contemporary instruments. The daring and unique programmes, the expressive style of performance, the brilliant execution and the wilful distinctive features of the four recorder players have been acclaimed in the international press, from De Standaard (B) to the New York Times.


Selective discography

5 [Five]5 [Five] (2017)
21st century / contemporary, Baroque
Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet, Pieter Campo, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sören Sieg, Louis Prima, Fred E. Ahlert, Johann Hermann Schein, John Ward (...)
Final favouritesFinal favourites (2017)
Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet, Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Parsons, Hugh Ashton, Costanzo Festa, Jacobus Clemens Non Papa, Matthew Locke, Jan Van Der Roost (...)
ConcertiConcerti (2014)
Baroque, 21st century / contemporary
Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet, Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Johann David Heinichen, Henry Purcell, Piet Swerts
Encore!Encore! (2012)
20th century, romanticism
Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet, Willem Wander Van Nieuwkerk, James V. Monaco, Jeroen D'hoe, Vittorio Monti, Jacob de Haan, Björn Hagvall, Jan Van Landeghem (...)
Contemporary Music in Flanders VIIContemporary Music in Flanders VII (2011)
20th century
Walter Boudreau, Dirk Blockeel, Jan Wauters, Roland Coryn, Isabelle Brys, Jean Louel, Bart Bouckaert, Frederik Neyrinck (...)
Nowel, nowelNowel, nowel (2010)
early music
Cécile Kempenaers, Samuel Scheidt, Encantar, Jacobus Clemens Non Papa, Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Michaël Praetorius, Jacob Praetorius (...)
The dark is my delightThe dark is my delight (2009)
early music
Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet, anoniem, John Dowland, Amaryllis Dieltiens, William Byrd, Bart Naessens, Thomas Morley, Robert Parsons (...)
Banchetto musicaleBanchetto musicale (2007)
20th century
Bart Spanhove, Joris Van Goethem, Paul Van Loey, Han Tol, Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet, Piet Swerts, Jan Van Der Roost, Frans Geysen (...)
BachBach (2005)
Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet, Johann Sebastian Bach
Matthew Locke - Consort of Fower PartsMatthew Locke - Consort of Fower Parts (2004)
early music
Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet, Matthew Locke

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

A guide to period instrumentsA guide to period instruments (2010)
early music, Baroque, romanticism
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