Category:ensemble (instrumentaal)
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags, 20ste eeuw
Actual/previous members:Shirly Laub, Frédéric D'Ursel, Elisabeth Smalt, Martijn Vink, Amy Norrington, Koenraad Hofman, Toon Fret, Nathalie Lefèvre, Annie Lavoisier


Oxalys was founded in 1993 at the Brussels Conservatory of Music. Since then the ensemble has developed into one of the most esteemed professional chamber music groups in Flanders. It performs on some of the world’s finest platforms and plays at the most prestigious festivals. The ensemble’s primary aim is to relate the European cultural story since the Enlightenment, with the most exacting of standards and with the greatest directness. Oxalys also want to musically interpret the connections and contrasts across borders and eras in this story. The ensemble varies, depending on the repertoire, from duo to nonet.

Mahler Gustav - Das lied von der ErdeMahler Gustav - Das lied von der Erde (2006)
20th century
Oxalys, Toon Fret, Geert Philips, Piet Kuijken, Gustav Mahler
Voyage au pays du tendre et de l'effroiVoyage au pays du tendre et de l'effroi (2005)
20th century
Oxalys, Claude Debussy, Martin Frank, André Caplet, Gabriel Fauré, Joseph Jongen
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Integral Flute Quartets - Clarinet QuintetWolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Integral Flute Quartets - Clarinet Quintet (2004)
Oxalys, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Kamermuziek uit Vlaanderen 2003Kamermuziek uit Vlaanderen 2003 (2003)
20th century, romanticism, classicism
I Solisti del Vento, Spiegel Strijkkwartet, Narziss und Goldmund Pianotrio, High Voltage, Prometheus Ensemble, Oxalys, Quatuor Danel (strijkkwartet), Black Jackets Company (...)
Festival van Vlaanderen Vlaams-Brabant 2002Festival van Vlaanderen Vlaams-Brabant 2002 (2002)
20th century
Jan Michiels, Ictus, Vlaams Radio Koor (VRK), Oxalys, Vlaams Radio Orkest, Igor Stravinsky
Music for Children's and Girl's Choirs by Flemish ComposersMusic for Children's and Girl's Choirs by Flemish Composers (2001)
20th century
Oxalys, Jan Van Der Roost, Jan Coeck, Peter Pieters, Kurt Bikkembergs, Martin Valcke, Vic Nees, Johan Van Bouwelen (...)
Vierkant Muziek - 2001Vierkant Muziek - 2001 (2001)
Greetings from Mercury, Boenox, Flat Earth Society, Oxalys, Prometheus Ensemble, BL!NDMAN, LOD, Spiegel Strijkkwartet (...)
MetamorphosenMetamorphosen (2001)
Oxalys, Shirly Laub, Frédéric D'Ursel, Elisabeth Smalt, Pascal Robault, Martijn Vink, Amy Norrington, Koenraad Hofman (...)
Gubaidulina - Kissine - Suslin - ShootGubaidulina - Kissine - Suslin - Shoot (1999)
20th century
Oxalys, Katia Kitchigina, Shirly Laub, Frédéric D'Ursel, Sara Kuijken, Martijn Vink, Koenraad Hofman, Toon Fret (...)
OxalysOxalys (1998)
20th century
Oxalys, Martijn Vink, Koenraad Hofman, Nathalie Lefèvre, Annie Lavoisier, Frédéric D'Ursel, Shirly Laub, Sara Kuijken (...)

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