Ensemble Clematis

Category:ensemble (vocaal-instrumentaal), oude muziek, ensemble
Conductor of:Stéphanie de Failly
Actual/previous members:Stéphanie de Failly, Tami Troman, Andrea De Carlo, Aline Hopchet, Simen Van Mechelen, Leonardo García Alarcón, Céline Scheen
Guest members:Stephan Van Dyck, Dirk Snellings, betsabée Haas, Liam Fennelly, Eriko Semba, Benoît Vanden Bemden, Jan Van Outryve, Hannelore Devaere, Arnaud Pumir, David Van Bouwel


In 2000 baroque violinist Stéphanie de Failly founded the ensemble Clematis, with the purpose to revive the neglected works of the 17th century.Stéphanie de Failly studied with Sigiswald Kuijken and Françoise Malgoire. While applying herself to the broad Italian repertoire as well as to German and French music, she also singles out for special consideration the forgotten pages of composers from the Low Countries such as Nicolaus à Kempis. The ensemble Clematis, with varying strength, brings together for each project an assorted number of outstanding musicians, all of them also involved in today's best baroque ensembles. Vocal soloists are invited on a regular basis to boot. The ensemble, dedicated to the cause of historical authenticity as it is, has been joining forces with musicologists to develop original programmes. Several performances of the ensemble Clematis at Belgian Festivals, as well as the first CD by Clematis featuring Symphoniae by Nicolaus à Kempis, have been acclaimed by the press.

Selective discography

Nicolaus à Kempis - SymphoniaeNicolaus à Kempis - Symphoniae (2004)
early music
Céline Scheen, Stephan Van Dyck, Dirk Snellings, Simen Van Mechelen, Wim Maeseele, Ensemble Clematis, Stéphanie de Failly, Nicolaus a Kempis (...)

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