Anima Eterna Brugge

Genre(s):20ste eeuw, romantiek, classicisme, barok
Conductor of:Jos van Immerseel
Actual/previous members:Frans Vos


Anima Eterna has been working on the basis of projects, under the energising direction of chief conductor Jos van Immerseel. Five to six times yearly they concentrate intensively on a welldefined repertoire. The unending quest for historically informed performance practice always happens in a setting of mutual consultations, complemented by advice from musicologists. For each project the stable core of soloists is augmented with musicians who have a lot of know-how concerning repertoire and period instruments.From a small baroque orchestra Anima Eterna has expanded into a fully-fledged symphony orchestra, prioritising authenticity among its exacting standards of performance. After performances of works by Ravel, Poulenc, Bartok, Gershwin and de Falla, the orchestra can not only boast rightfully about a solid reputation in historically informed re-interpretation of the well-known 19th-century repertoire, it has proved its mettle by dealing with the first half of the 20th century in a re-invigorating way as well. The adventure of this orchestra has an ever growing impact and international music criticism responds with amazement and enthusiasm whenever the ensemble recreates a treasure from our musical heritage. Besides many performances at the most prestigious venues abroad and at home, the ensemble enjoys its status of orchestra in residence at the Concertgebouw in Bruges, and has therefore been dubbed “Anima Eterna Brugge” from 2009 on.

From 2015 on Jos van Immerseel will take an assistent director followed by concerts leaded by gast-directors.



Selective discography

Strauss Johann - Waltzes, Polkas & OverturesStrauss Johann - Waltzes, Polkas & Overtures (2012)
Anima Eterna Brugge, Jos van Immerseel, Johann Strauss Jr.
Debussy Claude - Prélude à l'après-midi d'un fauneDebussy Claude - Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (2012)
Anima Eterna Brugge, Claude Debussy, Jos van Immerseel
Schubert - The Complete SymphoniesSchubert - The Complete Symphonies (2012)
Jos van Immerseel, Anima Eterna Brugge, Franz Schubert
Francis PoulencFrancis Poulenc (2011)
20th century
Anima Eterna Brugge, Françis Poulenc, Jos van Immerseel, Jos van Immerseel, Claire Chevallier, Katerina Chrobokova
Beethoven's fifth. A rediscoveryBeethoven's fifth. A rediscovery (2010)
Anima Eterna Brugge, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Jos van Immerseel
Berlioz Hector - Symphonie fantastiqueBerlioz Hector - Symphonie fantastique (2010)
Anima Eterna Brugge, Gunter Carlier, Tom Devaere, Jos van Immerseel
Haydn Joseph - Missa CellensisHaydn Joseph - Missa Cellensis (2009)
Anima Eterna Brugge, Lydia Teuscher, Marianne Beate Kielland, Markus Schäfer, Harry Van Der Kamp, Jos van Immerseel
Klara Top 75 - 2009Klara Top 75 - 2009 (2009)
20th century, romanticism, classicism, Baroque, early music, opera
Vlaams Radio Orkest, Quatuor Danel (strijkkwartet), I Fiamminghi, Jozef De Beenhouwer, Anima Eterna Brugge, Ex Tempore, August de Boeck, Dmitri Sjostakovich (...)
Anima Eterna live in Concertgebouw BruggeAnima Eterna live in Concertgebouw Brugge (2009)
20th century
Anima Eterna Brugge, Frédéric Devreese, George Gershwin, Manuel De Falla, Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Jos van Immerseel
Anima Eterna BruggeAnima Eterna Brugge (2009)
20th century, romanticism, classicism
Anima Eterna Brugge, Alexander Borodin, Manuel Infante, Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Johann Strauss (Sr.), Franz Liszt, Franz Schubert, Ludwig Van Beethoven (...)

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

Cara Klara 3Cara Klara 3 (2006)
20th century, romanticism, classicism, Baroque, early music, opera
Diverse uitvoerders, Diverse componisten

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