Philippe Malfeyt

Category:muzikant, solist
Genre(s):barok, oude muziek, Wereldmuziek, traditionele folk
Instrument(s):luit, oûd, cister, theorbe, hakkebord
Contact of:Romanesque
Actual/previous member of:Rans, Tied & Nyckled, Rans & Flagel


Philippe Malfeyt, after experimenting with blues, jazz and rock music, took up the classical guitar at the conservatory of Brussels. However, his special interest in early music made him resolutely choose the lute. In 1983 he earned a final degree for early music at the Royal College of Music in London. Ever since PhilippeMalfeyt has been applying himself to the playing of a wide range of plucked instruments: Renaissance and baroque lute, archlute, theorbo, ud, colascione (the European version of the Eastern long-necked lute), the baroque guitar, and the cittern. In addition to working as a soloist he is very active in duo and trio formations, with among others Katelijne Van Laethem, flautist Patrick Beuckels, harpist Hannelore De Vaere, and flamenco guitarist Michel Gillain. He is often asked as a continuo player, e.g. by La Pastorella, Il Fondamento, and I Justiniani. He also likes to play medieval music with Rans, Dousmal, and the French ensemble Millenarium. And last but not least, Philippe Malfeyt tries to integrate the lute into other musical genres and modes, e.g. with the trio Luthomania, which confronts Arabic, Chinese and Western culture in compositions and improvisations of its own.

Selective discography

Motetten & Kantaten der Bach FamilieMotetten & Kantaten der Bach Familie (2002)
Collegium Vocale Gent, Philippe Malfeyt, Johan Huys, Guy Penson, Johann Bach, Johann Michael Bach, Johann Christoph Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach (...)
Van Antwerpen tot Parijs / De la Seine à l'EscautVan Antwerpen tot Parijs / De la Seine à l'Escaut (2002)
early music, Traditional folk
Paul Rans, Philippe Malfeyt, Piet Stryckers, An Van Laethem, Paul Van Loey, Rans & Flagel, Olle Geris
Venetian Music of the 17th centuryVenetian Music of the 17th century (2001)
early music
Les Enemis Confus, Marcel Ketels, Patrick Laureys, Philippe Malfeyt, Guy Penson, Giovanni Picchi, Biagio Marini, Francesco Turini (...)
Op de klank af - volume 1Op de klank af - volume 1 (1998)
Baroque, classicism, romanticism
Roel Dieltiens, Andrea Gabrieli, Pieter Stas, Johann Sebastian Bach, Adrien-François Servais, Robert Kohnen, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Wieland Kuijken (...)
Antwerps LiedboekAntwerps Liedboek (1993)
Traditional folk, early music
Het Paul Rans Ensemble, Paul Rans, Philippe Malfeyt, Piet Stryckers, Paul Van Loey, Erik Van Nevel, Wim Becu, Simen Van Mechelen (...)
Egidius waer bestu bleven - Gruuthuse ManuscriptEgidius waer bestu bleven - Gruuthuse Manuscript (1992)
early music, Traditional folk
Het Paul Rans Ensemble, Paul Rans, Philippe Malfeyt, Piet Stryckers, Paul Van Loey, anoniem
International Baroque - 17th CenturyInternational Baroque - 17th Century (1990)
Les Enemis Confus, Marcel Ketels, Patrick Laureys, Philippe Malfeyt, Guy Penson, Tarquinio Merula, Francesco Turini, Dario Castello (...)
Charpentier Marc-Antoine - Rendez-moi mes plaisirsCharpentier Marc-Antoine - Rendez-moi mes plaisirs (1989)
Ricercar Consort, Philippe Malfeyt, Guy Penson, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Franz Tunder, Alessandro Grandi, Claudio Monteverdi, Leopoldus I (...)

Selectieve discografie als componist

Cara Klara 4Cara Klara 4 (2007)
Marcel Ponseele, Joris Van den Hauwe, Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, Philippe Malfeyt, Walter Boeykens, Vlaams Radiokoor (VRK), Peter Vanhove, Il Gardellino (...)

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

Willaert Adriaen - Chansons, Madrigali, VillanelleWillaert Adriaen - Chansons, Madrigali, Villanelle (2012)
early music
Romanesque, Adriaen Willaert, Philippe Malfeyt
A guide to period instrumentsA guide to period instruments (2010)
romanticism, early music, Baroque
Diverse uitvoerders
The fellowshipThe fellowship (2008)
early music
Hannelore Devaere
PériplesPériples (2001)
SublimationSublimation (1996)
20th century
Ex Tempore, Serge Minten, Florian Heyerick
Puer NatusPuer Natus (1985)
early music

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