Guy Penson

Category:muzikant, docent, solist
Ronse, 15.03.1958
Genre(s):barok, classicisme, oude muziek
Instrument(s):klavecimbel, pianoforte
Actual/previous member of:Montparnasse, RedHerring Baroque Ensemble


After his studies at the conservatory in Ghent Guy Penson started building up a solid reputation as a harpsichordist, both in Belgium and abroad. He became a laureate of some international competitions and was invited by the most important festivals in Europe, as well as in Canada, South America, and Japan. As a harpsichordist he often gives recitals and plays with famous baroque orchestras. He also became a specialised performer on the fortepiano and the tangent piano. As a chamber musician he plays in several duos and trios,with such outstanding partners as the recorder players Frédéric de Roos, Patrick Denecker, Geert Van Gele and Tomma Wessel; traverso player Patrick Beuckels; oboe players Paul Dombrecht and Marcel Ponseele; violinists Florence Malgoire and Dirk Vandaele; and lute player Philippe Malfeyt.

Selective discography

18th Century Harpsichord-Music18th Century Harpsichord-Music (1996)
Guy Penson, Josse Boutmy, François Krafft, Matthias van den Gheyn, François-Joseph de Trazegnies, Jean-Jacques Robson
Bach Wilhelm Friedemann - Cembalo KonzerteBach Wilhelm Friedemann - Cembalo Konzerte (1996)
Guy Penson, Ricercar Consort, Il Fondamento, Paul Dombrecht
Haydn Joseph - Sonates voor fluit, piano en celloHaydn Joseph - Sonates voor fluit, piano en cello (1993)
Jan De Winne, Joseph Haydn, Guy Penson, Roel Dieltiens, Valérie Winteler
Défense de la basse de violeDéfense de la basse de viole (1993)
Ricercar Consort, Robert Kohnen, Guy Penson
Singing ThroughSinging Through (1993)
20th century, Baroque
Guy Penson, Philip Defrancq, Heinrich Schütz, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Joseph Haydn, Carl Loewe, Hugo Wolf, Samuel Barber (...)
International Baroque - 17th CenturyInternational Baroque - 17th Century (1990)
Les Enemis Confus, Marcel Ketels, Patrick Laureys, Philippe Malfeyt, Guy Penson, Tarquinio Merula, Francesco Turini, Dario Castello (...)
Bach Wilhelm FriedemanBach Wilhelm Friedeman (1989)
Guy Penson, Ricercar Consort, Adrian Chamorro
Charpentier Marc-Antoine - Rendez-moi mes plaisirsCharpentier Marc-Antoine - Rendez-moi mes plaisirs (1989)
Ricercar Consort, Philippe Malfeyt, Guy Penson, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Franz Tunder, Alessandro Grandi, Claudio Monteverdi, Leopoldus I (...)
Telemann Georg Philipp - Les plaisirs de la tableTelemann Georg Philipp - Les plaisirs de la table (1988)
Ricercar Consort, La Pastorella, Frédéric De Roos, Patrick Beuckels, Marcel Ponseele, Guy Penson, Georg Philipp Telemann
Georg Friedrich Händel - Blokfluit SonatesGeorg Friedrich Händel - Blokfluit Sonates (1985)
Frédéric De Roos, Georg Friedrich Händel, Ricercar Consort, Claude Wassmer, Philippe Pierlot, Guy Penson

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

A guide to musical instruments (vol II) 1800-1950A guide to musical instruments (vol II) 1800-1950 (2013)
Baroque, romanticism, 20th century
Diverse uitvoerders, Paul Dombrecht, Diverse componisten, Octophoros, Jos van Immerseel, Ricercar Consort, Anima Eterna Brugge
English royal funeral musicEnglish royal funeral music (2013)
Vox Luminis, Henry Purcell, Lionel Meunier, James Paisible, Thomas Tollet, Les Trompettes des plaisirs, Thomas Morley, Lingua Franca (...)
Zelenka, J.S. Bach - LamentationesZelenka, J.S. Bach - Lamentationes (2012)
Il Gardellino, Marcel Ponseele, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jan Dismas Zelenka, Damien Guillon, Marcus Ullmann, Lieven Termont, Annelies Brants (...)
The submissionThe submission (2011)
Baroque, classicism
Jacques Loeillet, Jan Devlieger, John Loeillet, Les Goûts-Authentiques, Jean-Baptiste Loeillet de Gand
A guide to period instrumentsA guide to period instruments (2010)
Baroque, romanticism, early music
Diverse uitvoerders
BritanniaBritannia (2008)
20th century
Arco Baleno, John Rutter, Frank Bridge, Howard Blake, Gordon Jacob, Allan Stephenson
Carnaval des AnimauxCarnaval des Animaux (2003)
21st century / contemporary, 20th century
Peter Verhoyen, Arco Baleno, Frits Celis, Yves Bondue, Petra Vermote, Jan Huylebroeck, Marc Matthys, Boudewijn Buckinx (...)
Six siècles de Musique en Wallonie et à BruxellesSix siècles de Musique en Wallonie et à Bruxelles (2002)
classicism, Baroque, early music
Diverse uitvoerders, Orlandus Lassus, Pietro Antonio Fiocco, anoniem, Johannes Ciconia, Gilles Binchois, Johannes Tinctoris, Mateo Romero (...)
SublimationSublimation (1996)
20th century
Ex Tempore, Serge Minten, Florian Heyerick