Dirk Snellings

Category:solist, dirigent, docent, artistiek leider
1959 - 15.07.2014
Genre(s):oude muziek, barok, classicisme, romantiek
Instrument(s):zang (bas)
Actual/previous member of:Capilla Flamenca
Guest member of:Ensemble Clematis


Dirk Snellings is in addition to being co-founder and artistic director also the bass in the core quartet of the Capilla Flamenca. He earned an academic degree in musicology and graduated in voice at the conservatory of Antwerp. His repertoire extends from the Renaissance to contemporary music, with an emphasis on polyphony and baroque. Precisely in this tension between old and new he feels the most exciting challenge in looking for the specific use of the voice that agrees with each style period, with a view to interpreting each genre in an optimal way. This research into early techniques of singing, erroneously believed to have been lost entirely, was the enabling condition for him to come closer to the roots of early vocal art. As a soloist he can already boast a full track record of performances. Thus he collaborated with Il Fondamento, La Petite Bande, Le Parlement de Musique and Ex Tempore. With Fo(u)r Voices he explored in depth the endless opportunities of romantic and contemporary vocal chamber music. Currently he teaches voice and history of early music at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven until 2013.

Dirk Snellings died 15th july 2014

Selective discography

Frank Agsteribbe - Composities 1Frank Agsteribbe - Composities 1 (1998)
20th century, 21st century / contemporary
Koen Brouns, Jurgen De bruyn, Steve Dugardin, Lynda Lee, Mark Lambrecht, Frank Agsteribbe, Capilla Flamenca, Frank Agsteribbe (...)
Zingen en spelen in Vlaamse steden en begijnhovenZingen en spelen in Vlaamse steden en begijnhoven (1997)
early music
anoniem, Capilla Flamenca, Katelijne Van Laethem, Johannes Rondelli, Alfonso De La Torre, Katrien Druyts, Alexander Agricola, Marnix De Cat (...)
Haydn Johann Michael - Missa pro defuncto Archiepiscopo SigismundoHaydn Johann Michael - Missa pro defuncto Archiepiscopo Sigismundo (1996)
romanticism, classicism
Lena Lootens, Cornelia Salje, Bernard Loonens, Dirk Snellings, Philippe Benoit, Vivente Voce, Capella Vivente, Michael Haydn (...)
Renaissance-polyfonie in BruggeRenaissance-polyfonie in Brugge (1991)
early music
Dirk Snellings, Eugeen Schreurs, Paul Van Loey, Capilla Flamenca, Josquin Desprez, Pierre De la Rue, Gheerkin de Hondt, Adriaen Willaert (...)
Puer NobisPuer Nobis (1990)
early music
Eugeen Schreurs, Dirk Snellings, Capilla Flamenca, anoniem
Frank Agsteribbe - Composities 7Frank Agsteribbe - Composities 7
20th century
Frank Agsteribbe, Paul Klinck, Dirk Snellings, Capilla Flamenca, Mark Lambrecht, Jan Bontinck, Katrine Druyts, Ludwig Albert (...)
Dulcis MelancholiaDulcis Melancholia
Capilla Flamenca, Josquin Desprez, Jacob Obrecht, Pierre De la Rue, anoniem, Antoine Bruhier, Antoine Brumel, Alexander Agricola (...)

Author of

Historically Informed Performing BachHistorically Informed Performing Bach (2012)
Dirk Snellings, Bart Van Looy, Stijn Vervliet

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

Heinrich Isaac - Ich muss dich lassenHeinrich Isaac - Ich muss dich lassen (2011)
early music
Capilla Flamenca, Dirk Snellings, Heinrich Isaac, Oltremontano
De Sayve Lambert - Sacred musicDe Sayve Lambert - Sacred music (2007)
early music
Giovanni Priuli, Oltremontano, Giovanni Gabrieli, Capilla Flamenca, Lambert de Sayve, Wim Becu
Pierre de la Rue - Missa Ave Maria VesperaPierre de la Rue - Missa Ave Maria Vespera (2006)
early music
Capilla Flamenca, Psallentes, Pierre De la Rue, Gregoriaans, Dirk Snellings, Hendrik Vanden Abeele
Clemens Non Papa - Priest and Bon VivantClemens Non Papa - Priest and Bon Vivant (2005)
early music
Capilla Flamenca, La Caccia, Jacobus Vaet, Jacobus Clemens Non Papa
Margarete. Maximilian I.Margarete. Maximilian I. (2001)
early music
Capilla Flamenca, Dirk Snellings, La Caccia, Michaƫl Ghijs, Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino, Frans Mariman, Schola Gregoriana Lovaniensis, Joris Verdin (...)
Magister XMagister X (1998)
early music
Capilla Flamenca, Dirk Snellings
SublimationSublimation (1996)
20th century
Ex Tempore, Serge Minten, Florian Heyerick

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