Capilla Flamenca

Category:ensemble (vocaal-instrumentaal)
1990 - 2014
Genre(s):oude muziek
Conductor of:Dirk Snellings
Actual/previous members:Jan Van Outryve, Thomas Baeté, Lieven Termont, Liam Fennelly, Jan Caals, Patrick Denecker, Marnix De Cat, Tore Denys, Dirk Snellings, Wim Maeseele
Guest members:Piet Stryckers


The Capilla Flamenca has been a household word in the world of early music for several decades already. The group borrows its name from the court chapel of the Emperor Charles V. The nucleus of the Capilla Flamenca consists of four singers: Marnix De Cat, Tore Denys, Lieven Termont and Dirk Snellings. Depending on the needs of the repertoire, this quartet is augmented with several singers, an alta capella (winds), a bassa capella (strings) or an organ. The continuously updated historically informed practice, in close cooperation with leading musicologists, results in unique programmes at the cutting edge. Their polyphonic repertoire regularly meets other musical genres or integrates several disciplines of the arts. Remarkable projects were, among others, the dance performance “Foi” by choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, the acclaimed CD recording of the “Canticum Canticorum” in the Renaissance, the multi-media production “Eden” with video artist Walter Verdin, a musical zodiac according to the “ars nova” and Stockhausen, and “Rosa”, a pop song in Renaissance style, carrying the ensemble to the top of the hit parade. The Capilla Flamenca wants to propagate polyphony all over the world. It offers numerous concerts in Belgium and abroad and has been the recipient of countless awards for its CD recordings.


The ensemble ended its working in 2013, Dirk Snellings died 17th july 2014

Selective discography

Renaissance-polyfonie in BruggeRenaissance-polyfonie in Brugge (1991)
early music
Dirk Snellings, Eugeen Schreurs, Paul Van Loey, Capilla Flamenca, Josquin Desprez, Pierre De la Rue, Gheerkin de Hondt, Adriaen Willaert (...)
Puer NobisPuer Nobis (1990)
early music
Eugeen Schreurs, Dirk Snellings, Capilla Flamenca, anoniem
Frank Agsteribbe - Composities 7Frank Agsteribbe - Composities 7
20th century
Frank Agsteribbe, Paul Klinck, Dirk Snellings, Capilla Flamenca, Mark Lambrecht, Jan Bontinck, Katrine Druyts, Ludwig Albert (...)
Dulcis MelancholiaDulcis Melancholia
Capilla Flamenca, Josquin Desprez, Jacob Obrecht, Pierre De la Rue, anoniem, Antoine Bruhier, Antoine Brumel, Alexander Agricola (...)

Author of

Magister XMagister X (1998)
Klassiek, oude muziek
Capilla Flamenca, Johan Van Cauwenberge

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

La polyphonie FlamandeLa polyphonie Flamande (2011)
early music
Johannes Ockeghem, Johannes Brassart, Etienne de Liège, Johannes Ciconia, Nicolas Grenon, Johannes Franchois, Arnold De Lantins, Guillaume Dufay (...)

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