Wilfried Westerlinck

Leuven, 03.10.1945
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags, 20ste eeuw


Wilfried Westerlinck studied oboe and harmony at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels with Louis van Deyck and Victor Legley respectively, complementing this with lessons in orchestral conducting (Daniël Sternefeld), music analysis and studies in form (August Verbesselt) at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp. From 1970 to 1983, he remained at this institution as a teacher of analysis. Westerlinck also took a course in orchestral conducting with Igor Markevich in Monte Carlo. From 1968, he was mainly active with the VRT (Flemish Radio and Television), where he was responsible for the production and broadcast of chamber and orchestral music until the beginning of 2001. In the 1990s, he was a leading figure behind such radio events as The Night of Radio 3 and Radio 3 in the City. A number of his compositions have received prizes, including Metamorfose (Tenuto Prize, 1972) and Landschappen I (prize from the Province of Antwerp, 1977). In 1985 Westerlinck received the Eugène Baie Prize for his complete oeuvre.

In 2004 he taught at the Music Academy of Gdansk in Poland. During the same year he was invited by the Arena Festival in Riga where he lectured about Contemporary Flemish Music.  In March 2006 he accepted an invitation by Baylor University in Texas to be a guest professor where his music was exclusively executed at the end of his stay. Between 2004 an 2008 he was frequent guest at the 'colony of the art - Fundacion Knecht-Drenthe' in Spain.

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Work review & selective list of works:

www.matrix-new-music.be; the library of the Conservatorium Antwerp and www.Cebedem.be

Selectieve discografie als componist

Music for Flute - Harp and String TrioMusic for Flute - Harp and String Trio (1998)
20th century
Arpae ensemble, Daniel-Lesur, Joseph Jongen, Wilfried Westerlinck, Willem Pelemans
30 jaar Gabriëli  koperensemble30 jaar Gabriëli koperensemble (1998)
20th century
Stefaan Van Aenrode, Gabrieli Koperkwintet, Peter Cabus, Herman De Vleeschhouwer, Jean Louel, Wilfried Westerlinck, Hubert Biebaut
The thrilling trombone of FlandersThe thrilling trombone of Flanders (1996)
Wim Becu, Koen Severens, Claude Coppens, Joris De Laet, Lucien Goethals, Janpieter Biesemans, Wilfried Westerlinck, Raoul De Smet (...)
Musica a Quattro ManiMusica a Quattro Mani (1996)
20th century
Pianoduo Kolacny, Boudewijn Buckinx, Peter Cabus, Raymond Schroyens, Wilfried Westerlinck, Frits Celis, Werner Van Cleemput, Luc Brewaeys (...)
Contemporary String QuartetsContemporary String Quartets (1996)
20th century
Jenny Spanoghe, Gaggini strijkkwartet, Elias Gistelinck, Piet Swerts, Wilfried Westerlinck, Victor Legley
Harmonie nouvelles en 12 mouvements pour l'EuropeHarmonie nouvelles en 12 mouvements pour l'Europe (1994)
20th century
Quatuor Arte del Suono, Lola Bobesco, Suzanne Janssens, Jean-Elie Homatas, Jan Matthé, Gerhard Sporken, Peter Cabus, Daniël Capelletti (...)
Een jong geluidEen jong geluid (1992)
romanticism, 20th century
Dirk Herten, Filip Martens, Peter Verhoyen, Dimitri Baeteman, Steven Kolacny, Piet Van Bockstal, Katrijn Friant, Guido De Neve (...)
The carillon of the Sint-Rombouts cathedral at MalinesThe carillon of the Sint-Rombouts cathedral at Malines (1990)
20th century, romanticism
Carlo Van Ulft, Geert D'hollander, Eddy Mariën, Jos D'hollander, Jef Denyn, Alexander Borodin, Franz Schubert, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (...)
Musica BelgicaMusica Belgica (1989)
20th century
Norman Del Mar, Chantal Lefebvre, Franz Constant, Gregory Allen, Jean Baily, Louis Gilis, Filharmonisch orkest van de BRT, Jean-Marie Simonis (...)
W. Westerlinck - R. Corijn - R. D'Haene - P. BruylandW. Westerlinck - R. Corijn - R. D'Haene - P. Bruyland (1976)
20th century
Philharmonie van Antwerpen, Wilfried Westerlinck, Frédéric Devreese, Roland Coryn, Rafaël D'Haene, Peter Bruyland

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Frits ter ere
Frits ter ere

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