Liam Fennelly

Category:solist, muzikant
Genre(s):barok, oude muziek
Instrument(s):viola da gamba, vedel
Actual/previous member of:Zefiro Torna, Capilla Flamenca, Hathor Consort, RedHerring Baroque Ensemble
Guest member of:Ensemble Clematis


Liam Fennelly, after some years as a professional singer in a children’s choir and after completing a classical violin and viola training, returned in a roundabout way to early music. For some ten years he studied the languages and literatures of the Middle East and Central Asia, earning degrees at several universities. It was only towards the end of the eighties that he decided to resume his musical studies. He took classes with Thomas Binkley, Wendy Gillespie, Marianne Müller, and Wieland Kuijken.

Ever since Liam Fennelly has been participating in many concerts, CD and radio recordings in Belgium and abroad. He often played with specialised ensembles such as the Capilla Flamenca, Currende, and the Ricercar Consort. He is involved in several theatre and dance productions by HardtMachin, music theatre company LOD, and Les Ballets C de la B.

Selective discography

O, monde aveugleO, monde aveugle (2010)
World / Ethnic, classical crossover, Jazz, early music
Zefiro Torna, Els Van Laethem, Jowan Merckx, Philippe Laloy, Gwen Cresens, Vincent Noiret, Jurgen De bruyn, Liam Fennelly (...)
Alexander Agricola - Missa in myne zynAlexander Agricola - Missa in myne zyn (2010)
early music
Capilla Flamenca, Marnix De Cat, Rob Cuppens, Tore Denys, Lieven Termont, Dirk Snellings, Liam Fennelly, Thomas Baeté (...)
Hildegard von Bingen - The Dendermonde CodexHildegard von Bingen - The Dendermonde Codex (2009)
early music
Katelijne Van Laethem, Bart Coen, Liam Fennelly, Hildegard von Bingen
assimassim (2009)
21st century / contemporary, early music
Zefiro Torna, Cécile Kempenaers, Els Van Laethem, Liam Fennelly, Jurgen De bruyn, Petra Noskaiova, Het Nieuwe Gents Stadsblazerscollectief, Jean-Philippe Poncin (...)
Roland de Lassus -  Bonjour mon cœurRoland de Lassus - Bonjour mon cœur (2009)
early music
Capilla Flamenca, Marnix De Cat, Tore Denys, Lieven Termont, Dirk Snellings, Jan Van Outryve, Liam Fennelly, Thomas Baeté (...)
The Walsingham Consort BooksThe Walsingham Consort Books (2008)
early music
La Caccia, Philippe Malfeyt, Liam Fennelly, Thomas Baeté, Frank Liégeois, Wim Maeseele, Guy Penson, Susan Hamilton (...)
Rosa (Mia)Rosa (Mia) (2008)
21st century / contemporary, early music
Capilla Flamenca, Jan Van Outryve, Liam Fennelly, Thomas Baeté, Piet Stryckers, Tom Beets, Marnix De Cat, Pierre Sandrin (...)
Thomas MorleyThomas Morley (2007)
early music
Philippe Malfeyt, Liam Fennelly, Wim Maeseele, Guy Penson, Patrick Denecker, La Caccia, Thomas Morley, Peter Philips (...)
LUMINA -  Christmas around the 1500'sLUMINA - Christmas around the 1500's (2006)
early music
Jan Van Outryve, Liam Fennelly, Piet Stryckers, Patrick Denecker, Capilla Flamenca, Alexander Agricola, Gerard Van Turnhout, Antoine Brumel (...)
Canticum CanticorumCanticum Canticorum (2004)
early music
Marnix De Cat, Lieven Termont, Jan Caals, Dirk Snellings, Jan Van Outryve, Liam Fennelly, Capilla Flamenca, Johannes Prioris (...)

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

MermaphiliaMermaphilia (2002)
early music
Zefiro Torna, George De Decker
Margarete. Maximilian I.Margarete. Maximilian I. (2001)
early music
Capilla Flamenca, Dirk Snellings, La Caccia, Michaël Ghijs, Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino, Frans Mariman, Schola Gregoriana Lovaniensis, Joris Verdin (...)
Hassler Hans Leo - Auss tieffer nothHassler Hans Leo - Auss tieffer noth (2000)
early music
Currende, Erik Van Nevel
Buxtehude Dietrich - Membra Jesu Nostri BuxWV 75Buxtehude Dietrich - Membra Jesu Nostri BuxWV 75 (1999)
Currende, Dietrich Buxtehude, Erik Van Nevel
Magister XMagister X (1998)
early music
Capilla Flamenca, Dirk Snellings