Flamundo!!! edition 3 now available

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"Flamundo" is the name for a series of compilations with colourful world music from Flanders. The third edition has been presented at Womex 2008.

"Europe's current hotbed of roots activity, yes that's right, Belgium!..." (Simon Jones, fROOTS, april 2006)

Many people might not associate world music with Flanders. Nevertheless Flanders has a flowering modern folk & world scene! As Belgium has always been a crossroad and Brussels became the capital of Europe, the country has been like a sponge, readily absorbing expressions from east to west and north to south in the own musical language. Beside many talented native musicians Flanders became a new home for many foreign musicians, which generates beautiful collaborations.

This compilation is the third in the series of world music from Flanders. World music, the world in our music or the music in our world? The cd presents a lively mix of adventurous groups from several musical directions but which are related by their interest for traditional music from all regions. The selection of these bands has been made by specialists in the field: journalists and promoters.

We hope that the Belgian crossroad will become a point of departure for intercultural dialogue.

Are you professionally working in the field of world music and we did not meet at Womex? Please contact us and we'll send you a copy. 

Contact: katrien@muziekcentrum.be

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