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IAMIC - International Association of Music Information Centres is a world-wide network of organizations that document and promote the music of our time and was founded in 1986. IAMIC currently supports the work of 39 member organizations in 37 countries (2010).
Each of these 'Music Information Centres' promotes and documents the music of its own country or region over a variety of musical genres including contemporary classical music, world music, jazz and popular. The member organizations manage extensive resources (large libraries of sheet music, recordings, biographical and research materials) and deliver promotional and artistic projects (festivals, concerts, competitions, conferences) to the public.

While each member organization focuses on the promotion of musical activities in their country or region, IAMIC works to promote international exchange on issues of common concern and brings these organizations together for collective projects.

Every year, IAMIC organizes a major conference, hosted in a different country to ensure that most of its members will be able to participate as often as possible. This conference is a benchmark for information sharing and allows the promotion of an international music community. These conferences are often the starting point for a variety of cross border projects, aiming to promote national musical culture abroad.

IAMIC welcomes organizations who consider themselves potential members of the network.

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International Association of Music Information Centres - IAMICInternational Association of Music Information Centres - IAMIC
Welsh Music Information Centre

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