Orpheus Instituut

Category:muziekhogeschool / universitaire opleiding, muziekorganisaties, lab voor hedendaagse muziek, onderwijs & vorming, informatie, documentatie en promotie, hedendaagse muziek
Founded in:1996
Genre(s):Klassiek, 20ste eeuw, 21ste eeuw / hedendaags


As an institute for advanced studies and research in music, the Orpheus Institute has been providing postgraduate education (laureate programme) for musicians since 1996 and introduced the first doctoral programme for performers and composers in Flanders (2004). Acting as an umbrella institution for Flanders it is co-governed by the music and dramatic arts departments of all four Flemish colleges, which are strongly involved in its working.
The laureate programme allows students to conduct practice-oriented research into subjects related to their professional activities. It addresses both national and international graduates in music.
The doctoral programme DocARTES has become one of Europe’s leading doctoral programmes for performers and composers providing an enriching educational and research environment. The doctoral title is awarded to musicians who can demonstrate their ability to combine artistic performances with systematic theoretical reflection.
docARTES is a member of the documa alliance, a group of eight major higher education institutions in Europe who joined forces to develop the first joint European doctoral curriculum in musical arts!

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