Category:bibliotheek, archief, studiecentrum
Founded in:2002
Genre(s):Klassiek, oude muziek


Resonant has been set up with the purpose of localising, conserving and cataloguing the musical heritage of Flanders (from the medieval period until now) as well as making it more accessible to the large public through creative promotion. To this end, Resonant calls on the expertise of specialised institutions, such as, in the case of early music, the Alamire Foundation. Resonant acts as coordinator between the various institutions, authorities, concert organisations, musicians and other parties actively involved with the Flemish musical heritage. The centre has a small specialised library at its disposal. In 2003 Resonant founded the Music Bank as an online record for the description of music archives and collections from Flanders. As a joint venture with colleagues from the Netherlands Resonant publishes a handbook for musical heritage.

Published publications

Jazzerfgoed in Vlaanderen en BrusselJazzerfgoed in Vlaanderen en Brussel

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