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The library of the Antwerp Conservatory (established in 1867) conserves more than 350.000 volumes. Early music scores are well represented thanks to the donations of two musicologists: Eduard Grégoir and Léon de Burbure. These comprise important collections of early editions, psalm books and one of ten unison Souterliedekens (1540). The early music collection is expanding due to the efforts of the musicologist and collector Jean-Auguste Stellfeld. Among the most valuable pieces in the library are the antiphons from the middle of the 14th century; the only copy of the Beyaert Book (1746) of Joannes de Gruyter from Antwerp Cathedral; a volume of songs by Nicolas de la Grotte (1575); late 18th-century manuscripts of chamber music from Antwerp and Brussels and many important first editions. The conservatory is also in possession of a unique and world-renowned collection of 17th- and 18th-century musical instruments. The most notable Antwerp instrument makers, such as Ruckers, Bull, Dulcken, Hofmans and Van den Elsche are represented in a collection conserved in the Vleeshuis Museum, Antwerp.

Head of the Library: Jan Dewilde

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