IPEM - Instituut voor Psycho-akoestische en electronische muziek (IPEM)

Category:bibliotheek, archief, studiecentrum, muziekorganisaties, lab voor hedendaagse muziek
Founded in:1963
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags, 20ste eeuw


IPEM is the research center of the Department of Musicology, which is part of the larger Department of Art, Music and Theater Studies of Ghent University. IPEM provides a scientific basis for the cultural and creative sector, in casu music and performance arts, and does pioneering research work on the relationship between music body movement and new technologies.

Since 1987, IPEM became a research center for musicology, with a focus on music information retrieval and embodied music cognition. IPEM has meanwhile grown to a center with more than 30 researchers working on music. Based on an elaborate network of international collaboration, the institute is currently an attractive place for visiting researchers from all over the world. In 2007, Prof. dr. M. Leman became laureate of the Methusalem initiative from the Flemish Government (see the EmcoMetecca project at Research Projects).

Published releases

Lucien GoethalsLucien Goethals (1999)
20th century
Spectra Ensemble, Rolande Van der Paal, Harry Sparnaay, Polo de Haes, Lucien Goethals, Filip Rathé
Lucien GoethalsLucien Goethals
20th century
Spectra Ensemble, Dina Grossberger, Harry Sparnaay, Polo de Haes, Lucien Goethals, Filip Rathé
Donskoy - Beyls - Lachartre - De SmetDonskoy - Beyls - Lachartre - De Smet
20th century
Peter Beyls, Raoul De Smet, Liliane Donskoy, Nicole Lachartre

Published publications

Contactforum - Digitale bibliotheken voor muzikale audioContactforum - Digitale bibliotheken voor muzikale audio
Blues & Roots, Dance & Electronica, Folk, Jazz, Klassiek, Pop / Rock, Wereldmuziek, Populair / Varieté, Soundtracks/ Musicals

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