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Genre(s):Klassiek, oude muziek, 21ste eeuw / hedendaags, 20ste eeuw


AMUZ (Augustinus Music Centrum) is an international music centre, where concerts, festivals, educational projects and scholarly initiatives happen. The programme of AMUZ is organised along the lines of Historically Informed Performance (HIP): on the basis of a historically valid approach music of all ages, styles and cultures is presented to a broad audience in a creative, re-invigorating and accessible way. The AMUZ approach also fosters a constant dialogue with other forms of art. The felicitous venue of AMUZ is the former church of St Augustine’s, a jewel of early baroque architecture, which has been equipped with the infrastructure of a contemporary concert hall. In 2009 AMUZ merged with the Flanders Festival -Antwerp and aims at organising three festivals annually: Laus Polyphoniae, music@venture and inPRIMETIME. Capacity: 399

Ensembles in residence 2011-2012:
Les Muffatti olv Peter Van Heyghen
Ensemble Explorations olv Roel Dieltiens
Hermesensemble olv Koen Kessels

Published publications

Musica Antiqua RevisitedMusica Antiqua Revisited
oude muziek
Björn Schmelzer, Sigiswald Kuijken

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Persons/artist(s):Bart Demuyt (Concert programmer, musician, artistic leader)
Organisations:Festival van Vlaanderen Antwerpen (Laus Polyphoniae) (festival)
inPRIMETIME Antwerp (festival)
Music@venture (festival)
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