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Category:ondersteunende organisatie / belangenvereniging
Founded in:2005
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags


ISCM stands for International Society of Contemporary Music, an international organisation for contemporary art music that was founded in 1923. The Flemish section was set up in 2005. It is an association/platform for composers and ensembles, as well as promoters, documentation centres, musicologists and others dealing professionally with contemporary art music. ISCM-Flanders stimulates the debate about the future of new music and organises activities to promote this music in Belgium and abroad. One way of doing this is the compilation of a catalogue of compositions with an international potential. ISCM-Flanders is also in the process of organizing exchange projects with colleagues abroad.

Published publications

International Society for contemporary Music / Flanders presentsInternational Society for contemporary Music / Flanders presents
21ste eeuw / hedendaags
1981 World Music Days1981 World Music Days
20ste eeuw

Distributor of

ISCM world music magazine 2012 volume 22 - BelgiumISCM world music magazine 2012 volume 22 - Belgium (2012)
21ste eeuw / hedendaags, 20ste eeuw
Maarten Quanten, Bruno De Cat

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