Festival van Vlaanderen

Founded in:1972
Genre(s):Klassiek, Jazz, theatermuziek, muziektheater


For over 50 years the Flanders Festival has established itself as the largest festival in the country and is spread over several cities. In addition to the main concert halls, the festival selects unique settings in cathedrals, abbeys, etc. The programme is primarily classical – with a large offering of contemporary music projects – but also includes traditional music, jazz, music theatre and so on. The festival offers a platform for young talent as well as established figures and presents its public with world-famous symphony orchestras, soloists and conductors. The Flanders Festival is a member of the European Festivals Association.

The Flanders Festival has local branches with a specific profile and an artistic direction of their own.
One branch of the festival devotes itself completely to 21st-century music: Transit: Leuven New Music Festival.
Others like Laus Polyphoniae (Antwerp) and MA'Festival (Bruges) devote themselves to early music.

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Festival van VlaanderenFestival van Vlaanderen
Lukas Pairon

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