El Negocito Records

Category:platenfirma / label
Founded in:2009
Contact of:CO2 Quartet, Keenroh


Small independent label for jazz, impro, alternative music.

Published releases

RorschachRorschach (2019)
free & experimental jazz
The alto sessionsThe alto sessions (2019)
free & experimental jazz
Gayle Barcella Cabras
BackBack 4BackBack 4 (2019)
ShiftedShifted (2018)
free & experimental jazz
Sal La Rocca
The Room: Time & SpaceThe Room: Time & Space (2018)
Improv / Experimental
Seppe Gebruers / Hugo Antunes / Paul Lovens
Salon d'Harmonie ISalon d'Harmonie I (2018)
free & experimental jazz
Salon d'Harmonie
Live in NeerpeltLive in Neerpelt (2018)
free & experimental jazz
Lidlboj, Jozef Dumoulin
Duo pour 454 ChordesDuo pour 454 Chordes (2018)
free & experimental jazz
Duo pour 454 Chordes
FundamentFundament (2018)
free & experimental jazz
KosmimaKosmima (2018)
free & experimental jazz
Augusto Pirodda

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