Consouling Sounds

Category:platenfirma / label
Founded in:2008
Genre(s):Rock / Alternative

Published releases

In De KwelmIn De Kwelm (2019)
hardrock / metal / hardcore
Re:cyclesRe:cycles (2019)
Improv / Experimental
II Dead BoysII Dead Boys (2019)
Rock / Alternative
II Dead Boys
Function CollapseFunction Collapse (2019)
Improv / Experimental
Fear Falls Burning
Bolt RuinBolt Ruin (2019)
Bolt Ruin
Witness the LegitnessWitness the Legitness (2019)
Rock / Alternative
The Very Very Danger
Blood On The StreetBlood On The Street (2019)
Rock / Alternative, hardrock / metal / hardcore
Vandal X
Sea, sea, sea drifter / See, see, see drifterSea, sea, sea drifter / See, see, see drifter (2019)
Improv / Experimental
This Earth We Walk UponThis Earth We Walk Upon (2019)
free & experimental jazz
Yodok III
Piet DierickxPiet Dierickx (2018)
hardrock / metal / hardcore
Piet Dierickx

Distributor of

The SummonerThe Summoner (2015)
Improv / Experimental

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