Fons Records

Category:platenfirma / label
Founded in:2012
Genre(s):Rock / Alternative, Pop / Rock

Published releases

Destination Bigger TreeDestination Bigger Tree (2014)
Dandy Davy
Who are I, what am youWho are I, what am you (2014)
Pop / Rock
The Salesman Who
Stad van Licht IIStad van Licht II (2014)
Rock / Alternative
Stad van Licht
My ill womenMy ill women (2014)
Rock / Alternative, Pop / Rock
Star Club West
Electric WoodElectric Wood (2014)
Rock / Alternative
The brotherhood of scary hair and homemade religionThe brotherhood of scary hair and homemade religion (2014)
Rock / Alternative
Double Veterans
Glass lagoonGlass lagoon (2014)
Rock / Alternative
Go out and love the peopleGo out and love the people (2014)
Rock / Alternative
Benny Zen & the Syphilis Madmen
Looking goodLooking good (2014)
Rock / Alternative
The Prospects
Pop SecretPop Secret (2014)
Rock / Alternative
The Shovels