V2 Records Benelux

Category:platenfirma / label
Founded in:1997
Genre(s):Pop / Rock, Rock / Alternative, Chanson & Nederlandstalige pop, Dance & Electronica

Published releases

Magic marker loveMagic marker love (2017)
Eriksson Delcroix, Sun Sun Sun
The Boiling GroundThe Boiling Ground (2017)
De Tijd Zit Er Op (Ode aan Bobbejaan)De Tijd Zit Er Op (Ode aan Bobbejaan) (2016)
torch song
De Tijd Zit Er Op (Ode aan Bobbejaan)
Trust yourself to the waterTrust yourself to the water (2016)
Rock / Alternative
Slow healerSlow healer (2016)
Rock / Alternative
ChanticleerChanticleer (2016)
Pop / Rock, Singersongwriter
Eva De Roovere
Heart out of its mindHeart out of its mind (2016)
Blues & Country, Rock / Alternative
Eriksson Delcroix
On n'oublie rien: Les chansons de Jacques BrelOn n'oublie rien: Les chansons de Jacques Brel (2015)
AmongsterAmongster (2015)
Pop / Rock, Rock / Alternative
A clear running streamA clear running stream (2014)
Pop / Rock
Little Dots

Distributor of

Weeral halfachtWeeral halfacht (2014)
Dutch-language pop
By absence of the sunBy absence of the sun (2014)
Rock / Alternative
Neutral village massacreNeutral village massacre (2014)
Rock / Alternative
Gruppo di Pawlowski
RoslynRoslyn (2014)
Rock / Alternative
The Sore losers
JuneJune (2014)
Pop / Rock
And they spoke in anthems
StoombootStoomboot (2014)
Dutch folk & chanson, Dutch-language pop
Eight definitionsEight definitions (2013)
classical crossover
Eleven is nineEleven is nine (2013)
Rock / Alternative
Roza Parks
Copy of 98Copy of 98 (2013)
Rock / Alternative
Diverse uitvoerders
RapidsRapids (2013)
Rock / Alternative
Bed Rugs

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