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Category:platenfirma / label, muziekorganisaties
Genre(s):Klassiek, Wereldmuziek, Jazz


Outhere Music Group is an independent musical production and publishing company whose discs are published under the catalogues Æon, Alpha, Arcana, Fuga Libera, Outnote, Phi, Ramée, Ricercar and Zig-Zag Territoires. Each catalogue has its own identity.
Our discs and our digital products cover a repertoire ranging from ancient and classical music to the contemporary, jazz and world music. We work with great artists and established ensembles, but we are also keen to invest in the development of young talent.

Outhere Music Group is launching a new distribution company. Outhere
Distribution will fill a gap in the music distribution market, caused by the recent failure of key actors in the region.
Keeping in line with its commitment to quality, Outhere will only distribute high
quality music labels, giving the opportunity to the best productions to get the
attention they deserve.
The company will be logistically supported by our partner NGL (Naxos Global
Logistics), who will assume the warehousing and shipments tasks.
The key mission of Outhere Distribution is to provide a flawless service to music
distribution notwithstanding current difficult times for the industry.

Published releases

I SilentiI Silenti (2021)
classical crossover, Contemporary folk
Tcha Limberger, Fabrizio Cassol
Requiem pour L.Requiem pour L. (2018)
World / Ethnic, classical crossover, Jazz
Fabrizio Cassol
Les poètes mauditsLes poètes maudits (2017)
20th century
Lore Binon, George Crumb, Inge Spinette, Reynaldo Hahn, Claude Debussy
Pascal Dusapin - ItemPascal Dusapin - Item (2017)
21st century / contemporary, 20th century
Arne Deforce, Pascal Dusapin, Benjamin Dieltjens
The Flemish piano sonatina in the 20th centuryThe Flemish piano sonatina in the 20th century (2016)
20th century
Daniel Blumenthal, Flor Peeters, Prosper Van Eechaute, Joseph Ryelandt, Marinus de Jong, Georges Lonque, Jos Van Roy, Godfried Devreese (...)
SchubertiadeSchubertiade (2015)
Anima Eterna Brugge, Franz Schubert, Jos van Immerseel
Strauss Johann - Waltzes, Polkas & OverturesStrauss Johann - Waltzes, Polkas & Overtures (2012)
Anima Eterna Brugge, Jos van Immerseel, Johann Strauss Jr.
Sances Giovanni Felice - Dulcis Amor iesuSances Giovanni Felice - Dulcis Amor iesu (2010)
Scherzi Musicali, Reinoud van Mechelen, Nicolas Achten

Distributor of

Jean-Noël Hamal: MotetsJean-Noël Hamal: Motets (2021)
Scherzi Musicali, Jean-Noël Hamal, Nicolas Achten
Dans l'air du soirDans l'air du soir (2021)
Élodie Vignon, Isaac Albeniz, Franz Liszt
Mozart: Eine Kleine NachtmusikMozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (2021)
La Petite Bande, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sigiswald Kuijken
Édouard Lassen: Lieder - MélodiesÉdouard Lassen: Lieder - Mélodies (2021)
Reinoud van Mechelen, Eduard Lassen, Anthony Romaniuk
Bach for TwoBach for Two (2021)
Romina Lischka, Johann Sebastian Bach, Marnix De Cat
Messes anonymes: Missa Gross senen - Missa l'ardant desirMesses anonymes: Missa Gross senen - Missa l'ardant desir (2021)
early music
Cut Circle, Jesse Rodin, anoniem
Gesualdo: Dolcissima mia vita, Madrigali a cinque voci, Libro quintoGesualdo: Dolcissima mia vita, Madrigali a cinque voci, Libro quinto (2021)
Collegium Vocale Gent, Carlo Gesualdo, Philippe Herreweghe
Grand TourGrand Tour (2021)
Korneel Bernolet, Georg Friedrich Händel, Antoine Forqueray, Jean-Baptiste Forqueray, Johann Sebastian Bach, Domenico Scarlatti, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Josse Boutmy (...)
Jéliote. Haute-Contre de RameauJéliote. Haute-Contre de Rameau (2021)
a nocte temporis, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Reinoud van Mechelen, François Colin de Blamont, François Rebel, François Francoeur, Charles-Louis Mion, Pierre de Jeliotte (...)
Ysaÿe, Lekeu - Lointain passéYsaÿe, Lekeu - Lointain passé (2021)
Sylvia Huang, Guillaume Lekeu, Eliane Reyes, Eugène Ysaye

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