About Us

In January 2015, Flanders Music Centre merged into Flanders Arts Institute. Visit flandersartsinstitute.be for all info and updates. 

Flanders Music Centre is an organisation established by the Flemish government to support the professional music sector and to promote Flemish music in Belgium and abroad. We concentrate on three main tasks:

  • Encouraging expertise: We provide advice, news and guidance for professionals about management, the music industry, government policy, social and legal matters, artistic programs, music education … We support music research and collaborations and provide a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge.

  • Information & Documentation: We maintain documentation on all aspects of the current music scene in Flanders: biographies of composers and musicians, music encyclopaedias, scores, reports, publications, newspapers and magazines, databases, newsletters ... We also maintain an extensive music archive of historical and contemporary recordings.

  • Promotion: We provide national and international publicity of music and artists of all genres from Flanders through membership within network organisations, presence at trade fairs, creation and distribution of overview publications and compilation CDs, coordination of showcases and invitations to music industry professionals at major events and project collaboration with various music organisations.

As settled within the new Flemish Arts Decree, which will take effect next year, as of January 2015, Flanders Music Centre will be merged with the corresponding associations for performing and visual arts into one global organization.

    For information about the cultural policy in Flanders you can download this brochure: The Agency for Arts and Heritage (pdf)